Device Exchange Programme


Exchange Procedure

  1. Finish your old pods first! The new nanoPODS are NOT compatible with the previous generation nanoSTIX device and so we highly recommend you finish your current pods before exchanging.
  2. Order your new nanoPODS at our online store where you can pick from a variety of our 18 brand new flavours!
  3. Once you place your order, you will receive one free device (Please add colour preference in the order notes) with your purchase of nanoPODS – no purchase of a device is necessary when you checkout online (provided that you will be sending in your old device).
  4. You then need to return your old nanoSTIX device to us at 

    152 Station Lane,
    LE7 9UF

    Please send it via tracked delivery if possible to avoid any delays. If you have more than one old generation nanoSTIX devices then we will send you the same number of new generation  nanoSTIX devices minus the one we have already sent out.

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