Nanopods – Why we use Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salt Freebase Nicotine closed pod


What are Nicotine Salts?


The type of nicotine that is ordinarily used in e-liquid is “freebase” nicotine and is an alternative to NIC salts, a form a nicotine more recently introduced in the vaping industry, notably in the form of our Nanopods closed pod system device.


Nicotine Salt (Nic Salt) it is not bonded to anything else and so is more volatile and easily vaporised. Some vapours report that conventional nicotine doesn’t seem to pack the same punch as their Nic Salt counterpart, that offers a smoother, more satisfying experience.


Nic Salt also appears to have little or no effect on the flavour of a vape which means flavoured pods which leads to a much richer, flavourful vaping experience.


For customers looking to quit smoking or swap from a larger mod device to a more closed pod system style device we recommend the switch to our personal favourite pod system, NanoSTIX and NanoPODS.


NanoSTIX have been developed with the sole purpose of appealing to current adult smokers and have focussed their efforts on mimicking and even improving on the satisfaction that traditional cigarettes bring to an addict.


NanoSTIX use nicotine salts (protonated nicotine) that exist in natural leaf-based tobacco for its key ingredient, rather than the traditional free-base nicotine. They utilise



One noticeable difference is the harshness induced by higher nicotine levels. Freebase nicotine has a higher pH level which affects the alkalinity. … Whereas,salt nicotine have a lower alkalinity due to the benzoic acid which gives you a reportedly smoother throat hit and makes vaping at 50 mg nicotine bearable.


Nicotine salts is a form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. They are compounds containing nicotine and other organic compounds and is being newly marketed as the next big thing in the vaping world. They argue nic salts are more satisfying to vape vs “freebase” nicotine. The tobacco industry argues the opposite.


The key ingredient in NIC salts is benzoic acid which lowers the pH creating a less harsh hit that allows you to smoke higher nicotine concentrates.


The benefits of NIC salts is that you can get a more nicotine more quickly, they have a longer shelf life and you don’t need a powerful device to smoke it.




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